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Saturday, May 20, 2006


I've just been teething, teething, teething lately! I wonder if all Airedales go though the same thing? I've lost 2 of my baby teeth so far this week! Mum feels for me and gives me these things she calls "Moo-Tubes". I LOVE Moo-Tubes. Here's me in my favorite green bed chewing away! These Moo-Tubes as my Mum calls them, keep me busy so Mum can get things done (plus I just LOVE to chew and the Moo-Tubes are soooo tasty!)


kelly said...

what are moo tubes?

Liberty said...

Hi there Kelly! Basically a Moo-Tube is a smoked beef trachea. It's 100% natural and you can get them from Merrick Bones. I also like the GI Bones, but Moo-Tubes are my favorite! They're so delicious!