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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dress up!

Anyone ever play dress up around here? Mum went to Texas Tech Univerity back in the day so I decided to surprise her one day. Mum was very suprised and she put on her Texas Tech jersey so we could match! I felt like a big girl! I was so excited, I jumped around and did an Airedale dance! Mum and I played on the floor while we waited for the TTU game to start! Mum never knew that I enjoyed wearing her clothes so much! I mean, I *do* love to nip on them in the morning (honestly though, I really just don't want her to leave for work. If I just nip on her clothes enough, she'll have to take them off and put her pajamas back on so that she can stay home with me!!) I had so much fun wearing mum's shirt that mum is thinking about buying me a fleecie or something else to keep me warm in the winter. I think that I would like a nice fleecie to wear! Just look at my lovely pose! If only my ears would stay down...close to my head!