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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Better Late than Never!

Oh My!
I can't even BEGIN to tell you all what it took for me to get mum to post on my blog! Although, I must admit, I keep mum awfully busy! I don't let her get much done on the weekdays after she gets home from work cause I MUST have attention and LOTS of walks and playtime! Heehee!
I haven't really been up to much lately. Mum has been taking me for rides in the car when she needs to run errands though.
See me getting a nice AIRE lift!
Oh, I LOVE the feel of the sun on my nose! Fluffy Face Me! (I've since gotten a hair clipping) Here I am just hanging out.... I move all around in the car. Oh! Where am I here? I like to get my head inbetween the driver door and mum's shoulder so I can lay my head there and mum can pet me. Happy Day! Before I forget, fabulous Bussie the Wire Fox Terrorist nominated this picture of me for Photo of the Month on The Bone Zone at Dogs With Blogs! If you haven't voted, you should vote HERE! The contest ends on June 30th and there's all KINDS of good photos to choose from! Perhaps it's my AIRE-O-Dynamic ears that impressed him so much? A HUGE THANK YOU to Bussie for nominating me! What a Cutie! Ok...I have to go play catch up now!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Ok ok, I KNOW my mum is lazy! But believe you me, I TRY to get her to post on my blog at LEAST once a week! I can't blame her though....I mean, I also like to play and stuff ESPECIALLY with my newest toy!
A little over a week ago, Miss Maggie2 in So Cal sent me a GIFT! I got a card with a lovey picture of a bulldog, a peice of paper with Maggie2 So Cal's drool AND best of all, a PetCo gift certificate!! I've only been to PetCo a couple of times in my life and that's when I was a wee pup in Dallas, TX! I was awfully excited about all of this.
Here's me carrying MY card home! mum and I go to the local PetCo!
Wow! Shopping is fun!
There was so much stuff in there, I didn't know WHAT to get!
Hmm? What's in here?
...Oh! A Spiderman! ...perhaps one of these? This is fun! I wish we'd do this every weekend! ...I'm sure the suspense is killing you by now ('specially Maggie2!) Heehee!. Well, here's what I choose as my special present from Maggie2!
A Kong Wubba (just like the one my friend, Putter got for her birthday!)
GIMME that Wubba, mum! The Kong wubba is GREAT! It squeaks AND I can play tug o war with it!
Here's a demonstration!
I love the wubba SO much that I play with it ALL the time. I can even pretend I'm flying! (by the way, this is my embarrasing photo so I can say that I've returned Maggie2's TAG) Hee hee! There's only 1 problem with the wubba when it comes to me......
Wubba Then!
Wasn't it beautiful?
Wubba Now!
I still lubba my wubba though! Thanks so much Maggie2!!! Sorry I took so long to tell everydog about it!
The Wubba is the greatest!