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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Two Favorites!

Well, here I am! I have something to admit. Yes, yes, I am a dog park addict! May be it's due to the fact that I have no back yard? I love to run? I have this urge to play frisbee?
I think it's all of the above!
If I can't go play frisbee, here's my other favorite activity!
Stay tuned for videos of me chewing and walking around with my GIANT bully stick! Mum loves to watch me manuver around the furniture with the stick in my mouth!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Chew Time!

Mum & Dad went to Hollywood without ME this weekend! I was so upset that I was a very unruly puppy as soon as they got home! I even tried to beat up Ozma (I know, this is Kitty abuse - mum yells at me when I try this so for all you dog bloggers, don't try this at home!) They didn't realize that I would be able to go with them and after reading Bogart's post, I felt super shunned by my hoomans! Mum said that she didn't see Bogart there, but then again it was Oscar weekend in Hollywood so it was super crowded! They did bring some pictures home to show me though. Corner of Hollywood Blvd & Highland Blvd. This is where the red carpet began (where *I* should've been!) ..and for all you WFT's, mum TRIED to find Asta's hollywood star and paw prints, but to no avail. She DID find these though! William Powell & Myrna Loy, The Thin Man movies You'd think Asta would be more important than William Powell and Myrna Loy, but Noooooooo! Oh well, I'm glad mum tried though cause I love watchin' Asta solve all those mystery puzzles! Anyhoo, mum & dad felt pretty guilty after reading about how Bogart Handsome Devil got to go to Hollywood so off they went to the store to buy me a Bully Stick! This is not just ANY bully stick - it's a whoppin' 36" bully stick! I guess I'll forgive them for not taking me, but next time, I think that they'll think twice (...I'm practicing my cute look, Bogart!) Tryin' to make it cute, but pathetic. What do you think, Boggie? Will it work?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Poopy Puppy

Just thought this was the funniest thing so I adopted one and named it poopy puppy! It doesn't do as much as me, but it's still kind of cute! Mum and Dad call me poopy puppy sometimes, but since I named my adopted dog poopy puppy, I figure that they can't call me that anymore! hee hee. Go ahead and play w/him if you like!
my pet!
Here's what I look like when mum calls me a poopy puppy!
Hmph! Who you callin' poopy puppy?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blogger Retarded

Mum says that she's a blogger retard (you can tell by the way she edits this thing) so that's why she doesn't update my blog that often. Excuses , excuses, I say! If it was up to me, I'd have all KINDS of stuff on my blog, but mum won't let me use the computer. Mum is trying to learn more about the blogger so that she can add fun things like videos and stuff. She has some, butonly her and dad get to watch them! Anyhoo, Mum decided that this post will be pictures of me, me and me! Yay! Get ready, go!
Here's me months and months ago when mum and dad just got me home! I have tape bracelets on my front legs so I won't pay attention to scratching my glued ears. My ears were glued several times, but to no avail. My left ear is just what it is - lets just call a sign of my charming personality.
Here's me a few weeks later. By the looks of this, I'm prolly trying to get mum or dad to give me some of their food. As you can see, my ears are glued in this picture as well. I hated getting my ears glued! Glad I don't deal with that anymore!
I'm probably practicing my "cute" look while mum is eating something good. (please excuse mum's foot in the photo! Although, I do admit to sometimes licking mum's feet. It makes her giggle and I get all frisky when she does that!)
Here I am practicing ONE of my favorite activities - chewing! I usually like to chew on socks, shoes, under-garments ( heard me!, plastic water bottles, etc), but I have to say, chewing on bones, bully sticks/tendons and the occasional snozzle really makes me happy!
Ahhhh....BIG bully stick! Mum and Dad bought me one of these when we first arrived at our new apartment in California! They thought it would take me a long time to chew, but really it only took me about 2-3 days! Hah! Since then, they've had to purchase another one! See! I'm sneaky!
Here's me and my dad in Dallas before we let for California! Mum says it rarely snows in Texas, so I was lucky to get to see it and feel it before we left! favorite position! I know all of you other Airedalians know what I'm talkin' about!
and last but not least, my beautiful profile! Mum says this is my GOOD side, but in MY opinion, ALL my sides are GOOD!
Well, hope you all enjoyed! Mum will be working on getting some vidoes of me just being me on here so see you all next time! Love, Liberty Schniberty Doo! (& mum)

I've Moved!

Greetings everyone! Guess what?! Mum, Dad, my feline brother, Ozma and I packed up all of our belongings in Dallas TX and moved to the sunny, warm state of California!! Sorry I've been gone for so long, but mum has had lots going on with the moving and is now trying to find a job! I've really been on her case about updating my blog, but she says that she's just been too busy (I say lazy, she says busy! Hmph!) . When we arrived at our new apartment on the west side of LA, our furniture still hadn't arrived yet. I was so tired though that I just passed out right on the floor! Then mum layed down next to me and we both passed out! It took 2 1/2 days todrive from Dallas, TX to Playa del Rey, CA! Mum says I was a very good girl though! I used to not like the car and would throw-up within minutes, but I didn't get sick one time and now I just LOVE the car! I sat nicely in the back seat next to by brother, Ozma. I wish mum would take me everywhere with her. I'm still a Texas Dale though! May be some day we will return! Right before we left Texas, there was this stuff falling from the sky that I've never seen before. Mum says it's called snow! It was cold and refreshing on my face and I got very excited when mum would take me for walkies outside! Here's my close-up model shot of me before we left Texas! I wonder if it ever snows in California? Mum told me that I better enjoy it while we were in Texas cause she didn't think I'd see any snow here. However, I've heard that it snows somewhere in the mountains here so perhaps mum will take me there someday so that I can run around in all that frosty goodness! Well, hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I know I'm late in my wishes! You'll have to forgive me! It's so good to be back! Hope all my dog blog friends haven't forgotten me! I miss you Buster, Miss Sunshade, MJ, Fee, Bogart, Brother Travis, Fu Fu, Gus and Jay!