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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blogger Retarded

Mum says that she's a blogger retard (you can tell by the way she edits this thing) so that's why she doesn't update my blog that often. Excuses , excuses, I say! If it was up to me, I'd have all KINDS of stuff on my blog, but mum won't let me use the computer. Mum is trying to learn more about the blogger so that she can add fun things like videos and stuff. She has some, butonly her and dad get to watch them! Anyhoo, Mum decided that this post will be pictures of me, me and me! Yay! Get ready, go!
Here's me months and months ago when mum and dad just got me home! I have tape bracelets on my front legs so I won't pay attention to scratching my glued ears. My ears were glued several times, but to no avail. My left ear is just what it is - lets just call a sign of my charming personality.
Here's me a few weeks later. By the looks of this, I'm prolly trying to get mum or dad to give me some of their food. As you can see, my ears are glued in this picture as well. I hated getting my ears glued! Glad I don't deal with that anymore!
I'm probably practicing my "cute" look while mum is eating something good. (please excuse mum's foot in the photo! Although, I do admit to sometimes licking mum's feet. It makes her giggle and I get all frisky when she does that!)
Here I am practicing ONE of my favorite activities - chewing! I usually like to chew on socks, shoes, under-garments ( heard me!, plastic water bottles, etc), but I have to say, chewing on bones, bully sticks/tendons and the occasional snozzle really makes me happy!
Ahhhh....BIG bully stick! Mum and Dad bought me one of these when we first arrived at our new apartment in California! They thought it would take me a long time to chew, but really it only took me about 2-3 days! Hah! Since then, they've had to purchase another one! See! I'm sneaky!
Here's me and my dad in Dallas before we let for California! Mum says it rarely snows in Texas, so I was lucky to get to see it and feel it before we left! favorite position! I know all of you other Airedalians know what I'm talkin' about!
and last but not least, my beautiful profile! Mum says this is my GOOD side, but in MY opinion, ALL my sides are GOOD!
Well, hope you all enjoyed! Mum will be working on getting some vidoes of me just being me on here so see you all next time! Love, Liberty Schniberty Doo! (& mum)


Bogart said...

EVERY side is your good side, lovely Aire-girl...


Schniblet said...

I know Bogart! I'm Beautiful! ;)

Jasper said...

You are such a pretty girl...and my Momma giggled so much at that pic of you look so comfortable...I'll have to try that position too.
I finally got to go to the dog park and I can't wait for you to see my pics...Mom will post them tomorrow.

Maggie said...

That's some bully stick you got to chew on! I'm going to have mom on the lookout for one of those for me! Love all the pics of you!! What a cutie you are Liberty!

Love ya lots,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Shniblet, I dig your name, it sounds like a tasty treat...

You are so lucky to be a california chick now...we hate the cold here on the East Coast!

Axel G
(I couldn't log blog is

Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, there's some great photo's there. I never had my ears glued at all, so mine are probably very wonky!

Oscar x

Fu Fu said...

Hee, you're such a cute doggie. Love that pic of you stretching out on the bed. :)

~ fufu

Murphey said...

I like the undergarments too! It is nirvana for me when I get ahold of a pair, I hide under the bed so no one can get them from me! Wish I knew you when you were in Texas.....enjoy California~

Murph the DOg

Anonymous said...

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