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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Classtime Week 2

After much prodding and poking , I FINALLY got mum to get online to update my blog! She's been crazy lately what with trying to get ready for her new job and everything. This includes leaving me at home so that she can go shopping. Hmph!I know you have all been DYING to hear about how my second week of class went so here goes! Classtime Week 2!
I haven't gotten kicked out yet so that's one good thing. Since I am such a clever doggie, I have learned that this is Kookie class! I LOVE Kookie class! Basically, for a full hour every Saturday, I get LOTS and LOTS of KOOKIES!
Here's me waiting patiently for my kookie (see my tounge?) Come on mum! Gimme that kookie already! and here's me getting led to my bed for a Kookie.
Get in your bed! (KOOKIE!) here's me walking while getting a kookie! Heel! (KOOKIE!) We played the Take It! and Leave It! Game. (this is a very mean game where mum gives me all kinds of treats and then doesn't let me have the one under her foot. She keeps showing me the treat under her foot, but doesn't let me have it! VERY mean! However, as you can see, I was eating as many kookies as possible!
Take it! (KOOKIE!) Take It! (KOOKIE!)Leave It! (MEAN mum! Look at how she taunts me!) After a while, I learned how to walk on a loose lead (without kookies, but don't worry! I got a lot of kookies afterwards!) Why when my teacher, Heidi was instructing the class on how to walk on a loose lead, she even picked me to LEAD by example! Here I am with teacher instructing the class. My classmate, Cooper was so jealous that I got to be the model dog! Here he is showing his envy! Hah! ..and last but not least a friendly greeting. I normally like to pounce all over people when I meet them cause I LOVE meeting people and other doggies. In class, however I am SOOO focused on getting kookies, that I give a quick hello, tail wags and then I'm back to mum for more KOOKIES! Not sure what's going on this weekend, but I assure you all that I will be getting more of those yummy kookies!
Hey dad! Mum's not giving me kookies! Can you give me some? This IS the kookie class! Oh! To all my male suitors, these pictures are for you!

Friday, March 23, 2007


Yay! It's Friday! You know what that means, don't you? It means that mum and dad will be home with me for the weekend! I also get to go back to that Obedience class tomorrow! Aaaahroooo!
Mum strained her back a couple of days ago so I've had a lot of time to think since I've been couped up in this apartment. I'm feeling a little down. Here's why:
his dreamgirl, Sunshade! Oscar has... Frenchy Faya (Don't they look made for each other with their bandanas?)
Boo has....well, he's a Casanova. so... Who will have ME?? Will someone PLEASE HAVE me? ...Oh! Today is SamIAm's birthday! Don't forget to stop by his blog to send him Happy Birthday wishes!

Monday, March 19, 2007


Last weekend was exciting! Mum and Dad got up early on Saturday so I knew that something was up! I mean, they never get up early on the weekend! There was definitely something odd cause they went about their normal routine but forgot to feed me my breakfast! (gasp!). Anyhoo, I got very excited because I THOUGHT that they were taking me to the doggie park cause they let me go for a ride in the car. But noooooo... Instead we went to this place where there were all kinds of other doggies with their hoomans and they were all on leads. Mum and dad took me to my first Obedience class! Now, it's not like I NEED any Obedience class. I mean, I already know the basics (sit, stay, heel, come...) but mum wants me to get my CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certificate so just to make sure, she enrolled me in Basic Obedience. I don't mind though. It means I get to go somewhere with mum and dad every saturday for the next 5 weeks! This will also be good for me and dad cause I have a tendancy to listen to mum's commands WAY more than Dad's commands so here I am working with Dad! Focus! Heel! Sit! ...I'm not sure what mum was thinking when she took this shot! (RUMP! heehee) I definitely need some grooming as you can see. Oh! For all you Bully Stick lovers, mum went to Costco yesterday and look what she found! A pack of 12 Bully Sticks for US $12! So, I suggest you get your hoomans's a Costco membership ASAP! These probably won't last long! I did very well in my first Obedience class (I'm already an expert as you know). Next Saturday mum is suppose to bring a bed so I guess I will find out what that's all about soon! (mum here. Sorry about the bad photos! I had a difficult time getting good shots!)


I hate intruders! Especially those little rascals that my hoomans call "Squirrel Squirrels". I mean, this is MY space and MY home! If I don't invite them, then they shouldn't come over! See what I found outside my patio?
A squirrel squirrel! Ack! I must alert mum of this uninvited visitor! I want to hunt the little rascal!
Mum let me go outside to bark my protest, but wouldn't let me perform my ultimate Airedale duty and just get rid of the darn thing once and for all!
..and so I had to watch it from inside! If it was Christmas, I would just have a big Bah Humbug to say! Little squirrel squirrel! I DARE you to come back here!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Some history of an Airedale

I'm feeling better now after eating that handmade soap in mum's bathroom! I've been sleeping it off so thank goodness, I'm feeling and acting much more like myself!
Did you know that back in the days of WWI and WWII, Airedales were used to carry messages and help aid wounded soldiers? Well, I apparently came from this breeding stock as seen below.
Mum and dad have been giving me mail and packages to take home since I was a wee puppy! Today, I got something in the mail! Oh, what could it be?
Gotta get this thing home so I can see what's inside!
Almost home! Here I am in my favorite spot while surveying the goods. Looks like a.....what is this? A TRAIN & TREAT Bag?? There's gotta be something else in here (like some yummy treats)! Yes, I did get some delicious dehydrated chicken strips, but I ate them all up! I wonder what the training bag is all about though! Mum used to have one, but I found it one day and chewed it all up! (mum here. MWuhahaahaa - Obdience class maybe?) Oh Yeah! We nominated Jasper Poodle Head for Photo of the Month since he's got the St. Paddy's Day spirit! (plus he's got such a fabulous swirly curly tongue!) So, Please vote for Jasper!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dirty Doggie

Mum came up with the wonderfully bright idea to take me to the El Segundo Dog Park yesterday! Well, I was really excited about that as you may already have figured out (mum here - Liberty doesn't care WHAT dog park she goes too since she's literally a dog park addict). The thing about El Segundo's park's full of dirt! LOTS of dirt! Mum has only taken me there once before because I get so dirty when playing.
Here's me and a new friend (a bigger, but not near as cute, Sophie!) ... I got to do some butt sniffin' greetings. It was like we were playing ring around the butt! and I performed some crazy gymnastics with my frisbee. Like this one! (check out the front legs!) and now check out the back legs! When mum takes me to the dog park, I have no interest in listening to her. I mean, I'm at the park, I'm suppose to play, not listen! I'm a very stubborn girl as you can see here (notice how mum does not say "good girl" to me). This is how mum knows it's time to go home! (Bathtime when we get home!) I ended taking in sooo much dirt that after my bath I didn't think my mouth was clean enough, so I snuck back into the bathroom and found some handmade bath soap lying there all lonely-like on the tub. Mum didn't discover that I had eaten this lovely little piece of soap until late last night when she decided to take a bath. She knew that I was acting sort of funny, but thought it was because I was so tired from all that playing at the park. I'm still eating and pooping, but remain a little under the weather. No doggie park for me today!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Take Time to Smell the Flowers!

Oh, it was a beautiful weekend here in LA! It was actually quite warm and all the flowers are blooming!
Look at all the pretty flowers that are already in bloom! Some Birds of Paradise! Mum says she's never seen so many of these in one place! Not sure what these are, but they sure smell good! ..and this miniature rose bush is pretty - I think they're Sunshade's favorite color - PINK! Oh! One of mum's favorites! Hmmmm...what's this? Is this suppose to be here? ...a sign planted in some mean person's yard! (the sign reads, "Here he lies, cold and hard, the last dog, that pooped in my yard") Argh! That's why mum always makes sure to use these! I mean, we dogs (..and HamsTerriers for that matter) all have to eliminate, don't we? (mum found these particular poop bags along a trail near our apartment. She thinks that they're unusual for poop bags) I wouldn't know though! As long as mum keeps picking it up so I can keep it clean! Back on the home trail!