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Monday, March 19, 2007


Last weekend was exciting! Mum and Dad got up early on Saturday so I knew that something was up! I mean, they never get up early on the weekend! There was definitely something odd cause they went about their normal routine but forgot to feed me my breakfast! (gasp!). Anyhoo, I got very excited because I THOUGHT that they were taking me to the doggie park cause they let me go for a ride in the car. But noooooo... Instead we went to this place where there were all kinds of other doggies with their hoomans and they were all on leads. Mum and dad took me to my first Obedience class! Now, it's not like I NEED any Obedience class. I mean, I already know the basics (sit, stay, heel, come...) but mum wants me to get my CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certificate so just to make sure, she enrolled me in Basic Obedience. I don't mind though. It means I get to go somewhere with mum and dad every saturday for the next 5 weeks! This will also be good for me and dad cause I have a tendancy to listen to mum's commands WAY more than Dad's commands so here I am working with Dad! Focus! Heel! Sit! ...I'm not sure what mum was thinking when she took this shot! (RUMP! heehee) I definitely need some grooming as you can see. Oh! For all you Bully Stick lovers, mum went to Costco yesterday and look what she found! A pack of 12 Bully Sticks for US $12! So, I suggest you get your hoomans's a Costco membership ASAP! These probably won't last long! I did very well in my first Obedience class (I'm already an expert as you know). Next Saturday mum is suppose to bring a bed so I guess I will find out what that's all about soon! (mum here. Sorry about the bad photos! I had a difficult time getting good shots!)


Suki said...

Cool, Liberty! I want to get my CGC one day, too, but mommy says I have a loooooong way to go. I'm only 4 months, you know :)

Are you going to be a therapy dog? You would make a lot of people smile!
Puggy kisses

Ike's life said...

My mom said I will never get my CGC because I can be kind of an a**hole with other dogs. I just want them to know how tough I am - jeez!
Mmm bully sticks - never tried 'em because my mom thinks they are gross - what does she know?

wally said...

HOLY COW! Someone needs to get me to Costco--STAT! Bullies rule!

I'm a total A-hole with other dogs but I got my CGC. I'm a good actor.


chiyo said...

hi liberty, thanks for stopping by my blog! :) you're a bootiful airegirl, and one of the only 2 that i know! :) wow those bully sticks look very tempting! my HM used to studyd in california too, and she did NOT know that costco had bully sticks! :p hee hee...

how old are you? i didn't find it in your profile :)

Maggie said...

A sale on bully sticks! I'm there!
Thanks for the info Liberty!

Love ya lots,

Peanut said...

Oh there is no costco by me but my grammie has a costco by her. I will have to tell her to get me some more bully sticks. Your class looks like fun.

Joe Stains said...

hmm maybe you can practice sleeping? I can't believe how good you are, I don't listen at all :)

Bogart said...

12 bully sticks for $12? I'm gonna drag mom to Costco right away for THAT...

Oh, and I appreciate the butt shot!!!


maggie said...

guess what , my mom is gunna make me go to school to . its NOT fair. i mean , i listen to mom (when i want to ;). i hafto get mom out to costco , thats like a once in a lifetime oppertunity
luv ya , maggie
p.s , my mom balls me airehead, what does that mean ??

Jasper said...

Liberty, are so smart! I wish I could lick you in the face right now!!!

Boo said...

what? why do you need to attend classes now? mom once thought of sending me for classes too but she changed her mind. :-)

wet wet licks


Luckie the Dachie said...

Hiya Liberty,
I wish I could attend classes too...but my hoomans don't have a car so it's tough bringing me to classes weekly. You are so smart...i seldom listen to the hoomans. haha..
Tell your Mom her pictures look great..we like the shot featuring your dad & your bum bum. :)
PS : I linked you to my site too!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We love that butt picture :)

We never attended any class before. Maybe that explains our dis obedience :P

Boy n Baby

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Lib, Wanna share those bully sticks?

hana said...

Hmmm, did you say you gotta bring a bed to class? I guess it will be a sleeping class next week.

Liberty Doo Dah said...

Suki: Mum's not planning on making me a therapy dog, but she thinks you're right! I would make people happy!

Ike: Tell your mum to get over her aversion for bully sticks! We LOVE them AND we can digest them!

Wally: Good actor is right! I've seen you in action!

Chiyo! Hm should find you some bully sticks in Singapore! They're better then cigars! PS: I'm 14 months old as of yesterday!

Maggie: Anytime! I will make sure mum keeps on top of anything she finds!

Peanut: Tell your mum to NETWORK! Altho, it's good to have grandma!

Joe: I can only hope!

Bogie: Thanks for the complimant on my butt! Usually it looks better, but mum's been lazy on the grooming front.

Mags: School is fun! Don't sweat it!

Jasper! Me like to lick your face too! LICKS!

Boo! That's because you're such a casonova! You don't need schooling for that!

Luckie: You're such a good model! You don't ned schooling!

Super Boy & Baby! Who need Obedience call when you're that cute?

Sophie! I'd LOVE to share my bully sticks with you!

Hana: Oh, I hope it's sleeping next weekend! I can show al the other doggies my wide array of sleeping positions!

Fu Fu said...

Hey Liberty, You look great. I bet you'll get top marks in your class

~ fufu

Faya said...

Hello Liberty. I started Obedience 2 weeks ago and I love that... cool...
Kiss, Faya

Oscar Airedale said...

Yay, obedience class rocks (if only for all the treats you get!). I passed my silver award on a similar scheme to yours in the UK a while back & finally got my certificate at class last night. I'm working on my good now but it's REALLY tough!

Cute butt ;-)

Oscar x

Sunshade said...

What a great girl you are growing up to be Liberty, you make us Airedales proud!!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Jackson said...

I can safely say that I'd NEVER pass the CGC. I don't know what all the fuss is about. If I want to sit or lay down I will, I don't need some silly human to tell me! On the other hand, if it means more treats maybe you're onto something! J x

Murphey said...

I went to class once too.....I didn't do so good, I would stop listening and do my own thing. Finally the instructor said we might want to try again later. Umm, no thanks.

Murph the Dog

Marvin The Dog said...

way to go Liberty! Pleased you called in on my old smelly blog, you being such a class doggie and all! Pretty good blog you have here!

love licks Marv xxxx