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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Poopy Puppy

Just thought this was the funniest thing so I adopted one and named it poopy puppy! It doesn't do as much as me, but it's still kind of cute! Mum and Dad call me poopy puppy sometimes, but since I named my adopted dog poopy puppy, I figure that they can't call me that anymore! hee hee. Go ahead and play w/him if you like!
my pet!
Here's what I look like when mum calls me a poopy puppy!
Hmph! Who you callin' poopy puppy?


Maggie said...

Mom keeps playing your poopy puppy over and over and it's making me bark! Very clever Liberty!! Okay, enough now mom!

Love ya lots,

Jasper said...

Momma tried to play with Poopy Puppy, but something must have been wrong...she could not get it to work. Ahhh well....I was still glad to hear from you!!!

Oscar Airedale said...

I love the first photo where you can see your little toothie pegs,very cute!

Oscar x