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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Beach Ball

I had such a good weekend! Mum took me outside & played w/me. She *never* lets me off the leash, but this time, due to special circumstances, I was set free! See, I had this fear of beach balls. Everytime I got even a little close to one, I'd jump back and run for home! However, mum helped me to get over it. She slowly walked towards the beach ball until she was standing right next to it w/me on the leash. I was very scared, but since I trust my mum, I inched up very slowly until I was able to take a sniff. Then I discovered it was a ball! Mum called me a very courageous girl! I felt very proud, as you can see! Mum kicked the ball around and let me go! I chased it around and caught it very quickly! What fun I had! After a few times the ball didn't look quite the same. Mum says I killed it, but I was just playing! It looked fine to me! I had so much fun playing with that beach ball that Mum went to the store a few days later and bought me a couple more!! She thinks I'm going to kill them again, but you never know! I may just be very gentle with them! I mean, I *do* get to play outside, don't I? Mum thinks I look like I'm dancing when I'm playing! I like listening to music! I especially LOVE it when my Daddy sings to me (in a very high pitched voice)!


kelly said...

ohhh...liberty. you would love a jimmy buffett concert! they are

Brigette said...

Libert.....if you ask me you have the BEST Mum & Dad in the world!! What a lucky Texas puppy!

Liberty said...

Jimmy Buffet? As in buffet of food and beach balls! Oh my! I *would* love that!
Mum just told me that Jimmy Buffet sings songs & that one song is about Margaritas. Margaritas sound yummy!

Liberty said...

Hiya Wigette! I *do* love my mum & dad! I bet you're a great mum too!