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Friday, May 26, 2006

A Day at the Dog Park

Mum and I heard about something called the, "Bow Wow Pow Wow" in this little town up the street. Mum told me it was a doggy event and that it benefit the Second Chance Dog Shelter in Dallas. Anyway, Mum packed up some "essentials" (water, treats & a toy) and off we went to the event! I had never been to anything like it! It was JAM PACKED with dogs of all kinds! However, I was the only Airedale there. People just oohhh'd and ahhh'd at me & told mum that I was so beautiful! They had a makeshift Agility course and homemade doggy accessories and best of all, a makeshift dog park! It was my first time in a dog park, but I ran around and met all kinds of friends! I wouldn't play with them though because I was to busy exploring! Here I am, making some friends! If you look closely in this last picture, you can see my bell-bottom. Sometimes, Mum and Dad tease me and call me Liberty Bell Bottom! I don't mind though as this is a sign of affection! Anyway, after about 2 hours, I got very heated. Mum said it was 97 degrees outside (and humid at that)! Have you ever been in 98 degrees?! This Texas weather is killer! As soon as Mum ran out of water, it was time to go! Back to the car we went! I was so exhausted that as soon as mum and I got home, mum gave me some ice and it was off to bed I went! What a day!


Mitchell Thomas Whiddon said...

Hi Liberty! My name is Mitchell and I am a Miniature Schnauzer. My mom knows your mom. When she saw your blog, she *knew* I would love to run and play with you! I wish she'd known about this doggy day event - what fun!

Liberty said...

Hi Mitchell! I'd just *love* to play with you! Do you like the bitey face game? It's my favorite! Mum heard of more doggy fun in at the Bob WildersP ark in Plano on June 10th. She said it's called Dog Day Afternoon. should have the details!

Brigette said...

Hi Liberty!!! You just keep getting cuter and cuter.....especially next to that Chinese Crested!!!! You are truly growing to become a BEAUTIFUL young lady. Mum did AWESOME on your new 'do'!

Sunshade said...

Hey girlie,

You are such a cutie!! You know, even I couldn't resist the sound of my own barking and I started tilting my head too!!!

I'm glad you liked my blog. I would love to see what you look like must be a big girl now!!

Love ya,
Miss Sunshade

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Hi! I'm a terrier too - just shorter than you! Are you doing agility?

Bussie Kissies

fee said...

o my, you're only seven months and a bit! another small person like me! i love small persons and you're sooo adorable too!

let me give you a hug!

(i'm nine months and a bit and i live in sunny singapore)

Colonel Travis said...

Hey, Liberty, I am Colonel Travis, your brother. I live in Papillion, Nebraska with my mother, who just happens to be an old Texas girl. I have one sister named Buttercup, and another sister, whose name is Yellow Rose. I was just wondering how you were doing. My mother thinks that I might be the wildest Airedale that she has ever owned. I just like to think that I am "enthusiastic". Write to me at We can trade stories. Love your brother,


Liberty said...

Travis!! How how I miss you and all of the rest of my littermates! I *do* happen to have some Airedale Friends (Kate, a Jubilee and Lady, a Cornerstone), but I only get to see them when it's grooming time! I have a Feline brother by the name of Ozma. I just *love* putting his head in my mouth! :)