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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Partial Groom

Mum decided that today she would give me a bath after going to the doggie park! The thing about baths is that I don't really like them that much so mum takes a shower with me so I behave (mum can't believes that she's admitting this). After the bath, mum wanted to give me a quick groom (just a blow dry & brush). Usually mum likes to groom my entire coat, but since we moved to California, she hasn't been grooming me that much. Mum thinks that she needs a grooming friend to keep her honest! (we used to groom with 2 other Airedale people in Dallas every Tuesday night). Here's my grooming kit. Mum says it's an ongoing process of collecting equipment! As you can see, there's all KINDS of things in there! Anyway, here's me PRIOR to being combed out. See how happy I am? I LOVE to be dirty and tangled! Here I am after getting brushed and blown dry. Mum thinks I have a fu man chu beard! Can you even tell I've been brushed? Can I get down now, mum? After we're done, I get a treat and a walkie! It's very pleasant today in California. Mum says that it's suppose to be in the mid-80's by this weekend! Yay!


Maggie said...

It sounds like we have the same routine after grooming! A cookie and then a walkie! You're so cute Liberty!

Love ya lots,

Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, you look so sad in your post-grooming photos Liberty! Cheer up, you'll soon be dirsty & tangled again!

Oscar x

Murphey said...

Hey, my lady takes me in the shower with her too to give me a bath. She never wanted to admit that to anyone, but since you did I figured I could share. It's the only way she can get me to take a bath!

Murph the Dog

Baily said...

a roll in bird poop or mud always helps after baths (talking from experience here.) you have to be sneaky about it though!

puppy kisses

Bogart said...

I think you look fantastic!

Time to get started on getting all drooly and crunchy again...

By the way, I always take a shower with either dad or mom when they bathe me...


Jasper said...

You are such a good dog...standing up there on that table without jumping off.....ohhhh wait, is that something around your neck?? wonder you don't jump off!!! Whew!

Fu Fu said...

Hello Liberty, Woh.. that's alot of grooming tools you guys have. What's a fu man chu beard???
I like those pic of you smiling

~ fufu