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Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter is for ME!

I LOVE Easter! Yes, Easter is definitely one of my favorite holidays.
Peter Rabbit came to visit me yesterday and look what he brought!
A Rabbit stuffie (which was already mum's, but have taken upon myself to steal numerous times), a basketball toy and a cupcake kookie!!
Of course I had to have a taste of the yummy cupcake kookie first!
But mum made me WAIT!
After I ate all of that yummy cupcake kookie up, I played with my new basketball! I'm getting ready to finally join that soccer team that Sunshade, Bogie and Putter are on.
All I need now is a team shirt and a real ball!
On top of it all, the Easter Bunny left me something very special! He let me eat RABBIT for breakfast AND dinner. I've never had rabbit before, but I just LOVE it! Look how PINK it is! It was delicious! Mum only got me enough for 1 day cause it's kind of expensive here. I hope she gets me more again soon though!
Hope everyone else had as great of an Easter as *I* had!


chiyo said...

i have never seen a basketball shaped like that. does it bounce any better?

i think the easter bunny has eaten too many chocolates and is a little off his rocker. why is he letting you eat bunnies? his own kind???

glad you had a great easter! :)


Fu Fu said...

Hey Liberty, your cupcake kookie looks absolutely yummy. And is bunny meat nice?

~ fufu

Maggie said...

You ate the Easter bunny? Good thing you got the gifts first huh! hehehehehe Your cupcake looks very yummy!

Love ya lots,

Sunshade said...

OHHHHHH Liberty.... I want to say great Aire-minds think kinda a like LOL...... check out my blog!

BTW, I LOVE your basketball, it's so coooly shaped!!! Yes, you will be a member of TEAM-AIRE!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Sunshade said...

Hi Hi Liberberty,

Sunshade say say I can post a comment. I just want to say say I finished my wabbit in 15 seconds. I eat fast fast, I don't chew chew!!

Lovey bites,

Boo said...

hey liberty, u get a bunny? so....... i wonder if u have put your pearly white on them. LOL

wet wet licks


This is all mainly about us! said...

Wow! thats a cool dinner!! Too bad Singapore doesn't allow rabbit meat here. I doubt we'll have the chance to taste it. I love that ball of yours! pratice more & u can join Sunshade's team!

Putter said...

Hi Liberty!

What a super cool Easter you had! I am so excited about you joining TeamAire!:) Talk to you soon, okay!

maggie said...

no wander the easter bunny didnt bring me anyhing . you ate him ....
love maggie#2

Jackson said...

The Easter Bunny is very generous, giving you presents and then letting you eat him! J x

Asta said...

You do the best "wait" I've ever seen...if I could learn that, imagine all the treats I'd the way, I think you could soooooo play the piano, we could do dogets....glad you had such a great Easter

Nanook The Newfoundland said... are adorableness itself!

Ike said...

Will there be no Easter next year because you ate the bunny????

Peanut said...

Oh I love rabbit to. But only ground up like you go it. I don't like it whole. Hey my mom told me that your mom and my mom are on the same raw food list. We get the best foods don't we.

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We never tried bunny before but it looks yummy.

Boy n Baby

Oscar Airedale said...

I know Sunshade is a bit sensitive about the whole rabbit/Georgie thing, but I have to agree that it's yummy!

You eat in a very nice lady-like manner. Does that raised bowl-table thingy help digestion do you think? Mum has looked at them before for me.

Oscar x

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Liberty, I can see why you like Easter, you just don't get good wabbit at Xmas. xxx Asta

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

omD! You ate the Easter Bunny?!?!?!

Bussie Kissies

PerfectTosca said...

Yo Liberty, I miss yer posts, boy!