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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Better Late than Never!

Oh My!
I can't even BEGIN to tell you all what it took for me to get mum to post on my blog! Although, I must admit, I keep mum awfully busy! I don't let her get much done on the weekdays after she gets home from work cause I MUST have attention and LOTS of walks and playtime! Heehee!
I haven't really been up to much lately. Mum has been taking me for rides in the car when she needs to run errands though.
See me getting a nice AIRE lift!
Oh, I LOVE the feel of the sun on my nose! Fluffy Face Me! (I've since gotten a hair clipping) Here I am just hanging out.... I move all around in the car. Oh! Where am I here? I like to get my head inbetween the driver door and mum's shoulder so I can lay my head there and mum can pet me. Happy Day! Before I forget, fabulous Bussie the Wire Fox Terrorist nominated this picture of me for Photo of the Month on The Bone Zone at Dogs With Blogs! If you haven't voted, you should vote HERE! The contest ends on June 30th and there's all KINDS of good photos to choose from! Perhaps it's my AIRE-O-Dynamic ears that impressed him so much? A HUGE THANK YOU to Bussie for nominating me! What a Cutie! Ok...I have to go play catch up now!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Ok ok, I KNOW my mum is lazy! But believe you me, I TRY to get her to post on my blog at LEAST once a week! I can't blame her though....I mean, I also like to play and stuff ESPECIALLY with my newest toy!
A little over a week ago, Miss Maggie2 in So Cal sent me a GIFT! I got a card with a lovey picture of a bulldog, a peice of paper with Maggie2 So Cal's drool AND best of all, a PetCo gift certificate!! I've only been to PetCo a couple of times in my life and that's when I was a wee pup in Dallas, TX! I was awfully excited about all of this.
Here's me carrying MY card home! mum and I go to the local PetCo!
Wow! Shopping is fun!
There was so much stuff in there, I didn't know WHAT to get!
Hmm? What's in here?
...Oh! A Spiderman! ...perhaps one of these? This is fun! I wish we'd do this every weekend! ...I'm sure the suspense is killing you by now ('specially Maggie2!) Heehee!. Well, here's what I choose as my special present from Maggie2!
A Kong Wubba (just like the one my friend, Putter got for her birthday!)
GIMME that Wubba, mum! The Kong wubba is GREAT! It squeaks AND I can play tug o war with it!
Here's a demonstration!
I love the wubba SO much that I play with it ALL the time. I can even pretend I'm flying! (by the way, this is my embarrasing photo so I can say that I've returned Maggie2's TAG) Hee hee! There's only 1 problem with the wubba when it comes to me......
Wubba Then!
Wasn't it beautiful?
Wubba Now!
I still lubba my wubba though! Thanks so much Maggie2!!! Sorry I took so long to tell everydog about it!
The Wubba is the greatest!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Fashion Show!

Herroo everydog!
Welcome to my Snitchybug Designs Fashion Show!
Starring.... Yours Truly! what a surprise it was to get my very own package in the mail!!
You all know how I LOVE packages!
....and yes, in case you were all wondering, I DID carry it all the way home from the apartment complex office (mum here: as a matter of fact, the employees now know that when a package arrives, they just give it directly to Liberty because they know she carries them all the way back to our apartment) It was from SNITCHYBUG Designs!
Oh...I just HAD to open it right away!
Let me see those clothes mum! Awww....and the first outfit is a beautiful purple and lime green jumper/pajama! side view back view (Stanley...this pose is for you!) Aren't these pajama's just the BEST?
I love wearing them too!
I even tested them out doing my favorite activity!
Mum also bought me another outfit! This one was so that I can cheer along with Dad when he watches his favorite football team!
as you can see, I am VERY ready for football season to start!
Here's another view!
....and mum asked me for my model pose, so here it goes! Can you tell what team my dad and I root for? Thanks A BUNCH, Snitchybug Dog Designs!
Mum says that I can order more outfits really soon cause I love these so so much!
Hope everydog had a good time at my fashion show!

Monday, May 21, 2007

What a weekend!

Oh! I had the most wonderfullest weekend!
On Saturday, mum and dad took me to a nice little dive in Venice Beach! Mum likes this place cause they have what mum refers to as 'Texas Queso" (which is basically Velvetta-like cheese w/rotel tomatos and green chili peppers mixed in). According to mum, you would be hard press to find this delectable appetizer in Los Angeles. Mum says that California queso is weird. Anyway, the resturant is dog friendly so I got to sit on the deck/patio with mum and dad!!!
Here I am enjoying the deck!
...hey! Where'd that waiter go?? He was suppose to bring me some food!
Mum said that I was so good that I'll get to go again soon! I did do one no-no! When the waiter brought mum & dad's food out, I jumped up on him cause everything smelled so good! Oops! Nothing spilled, thank doG!
Anyhoo, the NEXT day, I got my first ever hamburger! (thanks Bogie for giving mum the hint!) and out burger JUST for me!
I was SUPER excited! Watch!
Wow! I hope we do that again soon! ...And last but certainly NOT least, my new AireBOY Friend showed up with his very own blog!
Meet Stanley everyone!
Isn't he just the cutest? Please visit him and say hello!
Oh.....mum is grooming me soon! Say bye bye to my woolydale face!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

TAG, I'm It!

Well, we're back (for now, that is). We've been having computer issues lately which prevents mum from getting online to update my blog and follow-up with all of you! Poo, I say!

My good friend, Avery TAGGED me so I must oblige and post pictures of me and my cutsy tum-tum! Here goes!
Me and my puppy tummy!
Wasn't I just precious?
I sleep like this a lot!
I especially like to sleep like this after some hardcore playing with my toys!
Here's a front view.
Here's me and dad just laying around!
and a side view!
and me on the couch!
See! I'm ALL about the tummy (and getting as comfortable as possible!)
So, there it is! My very first TAG! Hope I made my friend Avery happy cause I would NEVER want to disappoint!
Hmmmm, now who shall I TAG next?
We TAG Peanut and Boo!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Big MOO for DWBs!

A great BIG Thank you to all who coordinated the very first DWB's Wine, Cheese & Chat Pawty! It was such a wonderful opportunity to chat with all of you awesome dogs with blogs! Mum and I are so honored to be a part of it all! I especially enjoyed the Airedale chat on Saturday morning (I just can't help myself!) I felt surrounded by family!


In honor of this pawty and since mum refused to let me have any wine, I was permitted to have a Moozle! Have any of you DWB's ever had one of these? If not, I suggest you get your hooman's attention like *I* do (bark bark bark) and have them get one of these for YOU! (...and yes, they are exactly what they look like....a cow snout!) They are delicious!! Mum gave me one after the Airedale chat since I was such a good girl (meaning no flirting, barking, stealing toys, etc!) I was really on my best behaviour cause I wouldn't want to miss chatting with all my DWB friends! Please excuse my messy hairdo! Mum has some work to do!
Mmmmmm, this moozle is yummy!
Like my Pooh blanket? As you can see, I'm not chewing on it like I'm suppose too! Heeheehee! BUT...just because I KNEW mum was looking, I got on the blanket (just for a second though!) There's no base on the moozle so in case any of your hoomans were wondering, it doesn't bleed all over the place like some chewies do. But when I get a moozle chewie, I am a happy Airedale!
See how I smile and chew at the same time?
Moozles are made by Merrick Foods in case anyone was wondering. We haven't been able to find them in the stores so mum just orders online. I hope some of you DWBs get a moozle soon!
Moo! (i mean...erm....WOOF!)