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Saturday, April 28, 2007

I Graduated!!

Greetings Doggie Blogger Friends!
I graduated from my first ever Obedience class!
Here's me and mum with my diploma!
On my last day of class, teacher decided to have a little competition! Well, if any of you know us Airedales, we LOVE a competition! (mum: anything to do with food....) Anyways, I won EVERY competition with the exception of one and that's because the other doggie - Nina is her name- CHEATED! (mum: *ahem*). Here I am in the RACE!
Get Ready!
I WON! 2.96 seconds! Here's my teacher giving me my KOOKIE! Next was the Get in your bed until released. I am such as expert at this that I get bored and find things to do until mum calls me! BUT, I won again! Look at where my eye is focused (the hand that feeds me!) I kept winning and winning and winning! Since there were no other Airedales in there, it really wasn't much of a competition! I'm sure all my ADT friends would agree! So for all that, I received my GRADUATION KOOKIE! The ultimate prize! Are you ready for this??
Here it is!
It kind of looks like Miss Sunshade's Georgie, doesn't it? (less one ear though) I have to admit, the kookie was very delicious! Mum is now thinking about enrolling me in a Field Trip class where I will get to go to 6 places in LA!
I love my mum!
Can you spot my purple patch?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Classtime Week 3

Whew! It's been a heck of an April so far! I've been really trying to get used to mum's new schedule and she's trying really hard to spend as much time with me as possible (mum here - hence the delay in getting Lib's bloggie updated!)
She comes home and believe you me - I am ALL wound up! I bigbadbark at my feline brother! I bigbadbark cause I want kookies! I bigbadbark cause I want my dinner! I bigbadbarg cause I want attention! ALL attention! Me Me Me Me! Mum has NO time to rest until after she's been home a couple of hours or so and she even takes me for a nice long walk too! Mwuhahahaha! On a better note, mum and dad are still taking me to class on Saturday mornings! I was the STAR of the class this last week and this Saturday I get to compete with the other doggies and then I will GRADUATE! We got to class a little earlier than usual and my teacher was teaching a CGC (Canine Good Citizen) class. Well, was I flattered when she asked for ME to be the model dog and participate making all those want to be CGC doggies jealous! (mum - not really...).
Here I am with my teacher Heidi whose trying to get the little Wheaton girl to lighten up around a strange (ahem...ME) doggie. ...and here's another picture (see Miss Wheaton in the background. Mum thinks she's pretty) After I showed those CGC prep dogs how it's suppose to be done, it was time for class! So, my last class consisted of just a few commands. 1. Get in your Bed! 2. Stay in your Bed until I release you!
Here's how it's done with mum. takes dad a couple of times. Heehee!
I also learned WAIT! like Sunshade's stinky nephew, Jaffa! Dad didn't take any good pictures of me doing this, but if you want to see what WAIT! looks like, just check out Jaffa here! He's really good at it! When mum saw how good Jaffa was at this, she decided to try and teach me so I was far advanced in class when it came to WAIT! Thanks Jaffa!
All in all, I had much fun in class and was really happy! Next week, I'm suppose to graduate! I'm not sure what that means, but I'm thinking it's about KOOKIES!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter is for ME!

I LOVE Easter! Yes, Easter is definitely one of my favorite holidays.
Peter Rabbit came to visit me yesterday and look what he brought!
A Rabbit stuffie (which was already mum's, but have taken upon myself to steal numerous times), a basketball toy and a cupcake kookie!!
Of course I had to have a taste of the yummy cupcake kookie first!
But mum made me WAIT!
After I ate all of that yummy cupcake kookie up, I played with my new basketball! I'm getting ready to finally join that soccer team that Sunshade, Bogie and Putter are on.
All I need now is a team shirt and a real ball!
On top of it all, the Easter Bunny left me something very special! He let me eat RABBIT for breakfast AND dinner. I've never had rabbit before, but I just LOVE it! Look how PINK it is! It was delicious! Mum only got me enough for 1 day cause it's kind of expensive here. I hope she gets me more again soon though!
Hope everyone else had as great of an Easter as *I* had!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bunny Rabbits

Happy Easter Everyone! Picture courtesy of Butchy & Snickers mum

Thursday, April 05, 2007


First of all, mum want me to apologize to all of my friends for the tardy post! Poor mum! She started her new job on Monday AND she was suddenly taken with a cold! Yuk! Poor ME because I now have to be placed in my crate during the day while mum's at work! I like my crate (ahem...I call it my den), but would MUCH prefer mum or dad stay home with me all day! When mum gets home from work, out I come! I'm so excited to see her, I can hardly STAND it! Mum thinks that I'm not used to the routine yet, but I'm going ot surprise her by NEVER being calm when she gets home! So, my last Obedience (ahem...kookie) class went very well. I was on my BEST behavior! I do have to show all those other doggies in class how genius we Airedales are! This class was the most fun yet! Mum and dad brought along a very long leash. (about 8 feet of lead) so that I could learn to COME! from far away.
Sniff the Kookie!
GET the Kookie!! (all the time mum is yelling Liberty Liberty Liberty!)
FINISH LINE! (more like Kookie line!)
I personally LOVED that game! I only got to do it twice though. Teacher was timing us and I came in as the second fastest (but I think I was duped on time!). 3.13 seconds! Who could be faster than me, you ask? Well, my friend Cooper, the Bernese Mountain dog! I'm a good sport though and let him sniff me afterwards. We also learned the STAY! command. Here's dad teaching me (I already knew how this game was played, but I like to take advantage of dad occasionally)
All in all, I had a good time and was told that I was a very smart girl! I LOVE compliments! No class this week though as it's a holiday weekend! Mum said something about rabbits and eggs! I like both so it must be a holiday made for Airedales like me! Oh! Excitement!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ozma & I

Greetings all! Just a short post depicting my life with my feline brother Ozma. I usually don't like to give him props cause...well..he's a cat, you know. But, just thought that I would give all of you a peek! Here's me being...ahem...NICE to Ozma. Oh, by the way, Ozma is a girly name but our Ozma is actually a male cat. Mum thought he was a female when she first brought him home, but it's not the way it turned out. I guess he's an ok cat. I mean, sometimes he can be VERY mean!
Sorry that the picture quality is dark. I admit, I always try to sabotage mum when she's trying to get photos and what-nots of Ozma and I actually getting along!
Obviously, mum catches us napping together eventually. New pictures of class are coming soon! Mum's been kind of busy lately what with trying to get ready for this new job thingie. I really hate that she won't be home with me all day! Regardless, I will keep on mum to keep my blog updated as often as possible!
Pooh on mum's new job!